Ludo Star Mod APK Download (Unlimited Money & Gems)

The internet’s advantages cannot be mentioned in such a short piece of writing. Anyone who was alive and active during the 90s will attest to how things have changed and more specifically, how things have gotten easier due to the internet.

Many of us from those good old days remember how we would pass time playing board games.

If you never had the chance to play snakes and ladders, scrabble and such games you might have missed out on a great era. Simply mentioning the word Board Game brings tears to some people’s eyes. It is a nostalgic feeling.

Nonetheless, the internet has brought those old games back to us- in a format that we are all too familiar and accustomed to in this day and age. The board game Ludo was a favourite among the youth and even elderly back in the day.

Ludo Star was a board game that involved spinning dice and making moves on the board in order to win. Ludo Mod Star APK downloads is available on Google Playstore and has the options to have a number of players synchronised to play at the same time.

The beauty of android is the fact that you get so many FREE APPLICATIONS. Well, Ludo Star is free for download on Google Playstore too.

Ludo Star was a famous board game, with many players always looking for tricks to win the game without actually winning, i.e. CHEATING. Well, it’s becoming a lot easier to win that way, using tips and tricks and with Ludo Star Mod APK winning just got much easier.

The word “mod” in this case and others involving apps refers to a modification. These modifications are done by a Modder (modifier) who changes the specs of the game and some restrictions which matches the users’ specific requirements.

There are also other MOD APK’s worth mentioning that users may want to download from their Google Play store. These are GBWhatsAPP Mod APK, Whats App Mod APK among others. These are slightly different from the initial products that hit the market and thus, have a few very beneficial changes. GOOD LUCK

INSTALLING LUDO STAR MOD APK – Unlimited Money, Coins & Gems

If you already have Ludo installed on your device, you may have to uninstall it then proceed to download Ludo Star Mod APK from Google Playstore. This Mod APK has enhanced features offering tips and tricks to get you “cheating” like the old days J

Visit the Google Play store and download Ludo Star Mod APK. The downloading process always requires a minute or two, depending on your internet speeds.

  • Upon download completion, proceed to your File Explorer in order to find your File manager.
  • Once you’ve located your file manager, look for your Downloads
  • Open your Downloads folder and locate the Ludo Star Mod APK file.
  • Proceed to select this file.
  • Once you’ve selected this file, you should receive two options; these are either to install or to cancel…
  • There may be some restrictions set up for your android to restrict downloading from certain sites. In case you get warning messages regarding unverified or unknown sources, follow the steps below

Return to your home page and locate your settings icon or do so through your main menu

  • Find the option for security settings.
  • Open up your security settings
  • Once you’ve opened the above, there should be an option to allow downloading from unknown sources.
  • Once you’ve found the “check box” under unknown sources, select it.
  • After selecting the box (option for unknown sources), return to your file manager
  • The option selected above should give the android device permission to download from unknown sources without prompting you to give access all the time.


Once you are back on file manager, proceed to open Ludo Star Mod APK.

  • Once the file is selected, you can tap on the option to install.
  • The installation process should begin immediately. Keep in mind it may take longer depending on the type of device you’re using.
  • Upon completion you will be prompted to either choose DONE or OPEN.
  • Select the DONE option and return to your home screen.
  • On your home screen, you will have the icon for the Ludo Star Application

EUREKA!! You now have one of the most enjoyable board games ever, on your Phone.

Surprise your buddies, family and others online or OFF!!


Many of the moves that made the game what it was are still there. Spinning a dice, for example, is what makes it a board game otherwise it would lose many fans, especially those who played it in earlier days.

The Ludo Star game can be accessed through Facebook too via logging in on that platform. What this can do is to enable you to play the game with your peers online; a great feature for those willing to have a contest among friends and family.

You know those little smiley faces you send through messages, the ones that make your message come to life? Well, you could send those to your players too and show your excitement (or lack of!!) all while playing Ludo J

No board game was ever a real board game without two or more players; the more the better and the more the merrier.

As mentioned before, there are options to play one-on-one or with multiple players as well as an option to play as teams.

The application does not require that you have an online account on, for example, Facebook. You can easily access the application as a guest user and still enjoy the same bits of the game.

The feature that allows you to play online and connect with your friends will not limit you to where you can play. You can wholly enjoy this game with no readily accessible internet connection.


These errors are almost unavoidable. More often than not, something may have happened to your internet connection during the downloading process or, your device’s processor and RAM were busy as you tried to install it.

If you do in fact receive an ERROR message (ERROR. APP NOT INSTALLED/ ERROR INSTALLING APP) simply reboot/restart your android device and follow the download instruction to the letter.

You should have it up and running in no time. Enjoy Ludo Star Mod Apk for android for the first time or get nostalgic playing it on a totally new platform; the internet:- )